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Services & Solutions Office Relocation and Office Layout Modification

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Office Relocation and Office Layout Modification

We provide specialist IT project management and consultation for office relocation and layout changes. We’re experts at managing overseas office moves for Japanese companies to the UK and relocation from the UK to European companies.

We take the time to understand your company and requirements, then act as an IT representative on behalf of your organisation. We’ll provide efficient project management to relieve you from the burden of dealing with various vendors – freeing up your internal resources to focus on the running of your business.

Office relocation services

As IT experts we will audit each potential site and provide a comprehensive site survey of shortlisted offices. Due to our experience in office relocations we can efficiently analyse each site to your needs and clarify IT requirements. From this we will suggest a recommendation and present a full report on each site. The report will include:

  • Summarised comparison of shortlisted buildings
  • Detailed advantages & disadvantages of shortlisted offices
  • Risk analysis
  • Comparisons & Recommendations
  • Photographic evidence

The report will allow you to make an informed decision on the most suitable site without doing all the leg work. This process will also support approval of the project and minimise the risk of any additional costs after the project starts.

Our experience:

We are experts at office relocation and office moves and have proven experience across a range of industries.

  • a trading company in London, 250 desks
  • a bank in Moscow, 100 desks
  • a trading company in Dubai, 50 desks
  • a bank in London, 30 desks
  • a trading company in Johannesburg, 30 desks
  • a logistics company in Prague, Czech, 40 desks
  • a bank in Dusseldorf, 100 desks

and more…

Office layout services

If you’re looking to relocate and need office layout assistance, or if you’re looking to just modify the layout of your existing office, we can help by providing clear IT advice and project management. We’ll take the time to understand your requirements and analyse the feasibility of the site to ensure we meet all of your needs to an agreed schedule. We believe in transparency of each project, we’ll therefore document the whole process and provide progress updates to keep you informed. The type of layout services we provide are:

  • Office IT Planning (site survey of the current & new IT environment)
  • Server room design (electricity and air conditioning system)
  • Office IT layout design (cabling, in-house wiring)
  • Network design (Internet, Firewall, VPN)
  • Site management
  • Vender control
  • Engineering resource
  • Documentations

And more depending on project requirements.

Certified team

As a Japanese company we believe in providing best in class service quality, we deliver all of our services with highly skilled, qualified engineers and with an ISO9001 certified methodology. Additionally, our project management team are Prince2 certified – a global standard certification in project management.

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