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Services & Solutions IIJ Europe Remote Access Service

Work from Home is comfortable ever with VPN which is resistant to cut-off without delay

Conventional VPN connection is…

Log on to PC, then connect VPN. When VPN is cut-off, re-connect VPN, then need to login to the application again. This is the stress users have been feeling…

Everywhere turns to be a workspace just the same as an office

Diminish user stress with continued VPN

Using Active Directory authentication. When a user logs into the OS, VPN connectivity is established automatically in the background. VPN session continues even if the Wi-fi connection becomes bad or temporarily unavailable. This eliminates the need for reconnection. VPN On/Off setting for each application is handled automatically according to the policy determined by operators.

Ensure security with user authentication and device authentication

Ensure security with user authentication and device authentication In addition to user authentication, device authentication and network access control are available to prevent connection from unauthorized devices by IP address and time. The service has management capabilities as managing sprit tunnel easily for each application without changing anything on application side.

NetMotion's VPN Protocol

The reason why NetMotion service is resistant to cut-off is it uses original VPN protocol. The VPN protocol, designed to handle network quality degradation, can even restore packet loss.
You can control any actions on communication as rules, with VPN clients that checks all communication going out from the device.

IIJ Europe Remote Access Service

The Service provides NetMotion license and server resource for remote access as a service. Server resource is located in London.

NetMotion License

Subscribe for all intended devices

NetMotion Server/Management Server

Select number of servers depending on number of users

  • The NetMotion license requires one license per device to connect.

  • As connected device, Windows/Mac OS are supported. (Smartphones are not eligible)

  • The maximum number of devices connected to a NetMotion server/management server is 100.

  • The cost of installing the agent on each device is not included in the initial system implementation fee.

  • The minimum contract number of NetMotion license is 25.

  • The minimum unit of additional/deleting NetMotion license is 25.

  • The initial minimum contract term is 1 year. After the initial term, contract is renewed monthly. When customer wishes to cancel the service, written notice is required at least 90 days in advance of the wished cancel date.

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