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Information IIJ Europe/Deutschland’s New Normal with Hybrid Working

29 Jul

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This year has been a challenge to many businesses in terms of the impact of the pandemic and the necessary changes to workplace management. For IIJ Europe and Deutschland, we have learnt to be adaptable, creative, and forward-thinking through the many experiences we have had during this time.

Our teams have proved that this new style of flexible working is effective and conducive to maintaining our expected high level of quality services. We have decided to continue this approach permanently, balancing both in office and at home work. For many of our staff this provides a better balance and more opportunities to explore methods of working that suit them best in order to provide our customers with the most exceptional standard of work. For our company, it is a chance to provide evidence as to how well our IT services operate in the ever-changing business climate. We hope to use our discoveries to aid in your business’ IT needs.

We are as committed as ever to providing you with the highest quality support and will ensure our level of service remains as outstanding as ever through this transition to a more flexible workplace.

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